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Why learn with 5Day?

Established over 15 years ago and offering intensive driving courses only, 5Day aims to teach learners to drive in just five days. If a learner fails the driving test after the five days of tuition, 5Day promises free unlimited tuition until they pass.

Learners attend one of 5Day’s dedicated training centres on each day of the course. Each day consists of a “rules of the road” brief, one-to-one practical lessons with the learner’s allocated instructor and theory classes.

All of the school’s branches have a team of qualified instructors and tutors experienced in providing tuition in a structured and efficient way.

Learners will take their theory test as part of the course, and once the theory test has been passed 5Day will assist them in applying for a priority practical driving test. 5Day fast tracks all its learners’ practical tests to a slot at least 75% sooner than the DVSA waiting list.

A 5Day course might be right for you if you want to be on the roads imminently, have a week (or two to be safe) to spare and are able to commute to the specific branch locations.

Stats according to 5Day

5Day claims to have had over 40,917 successful DVSA tests passed since 2002.

5Day locations

5Day has branches in Birmingham, Bristol, Chelmsford, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich, Peterborough, North London, South London, South East London and West London.

Waiting times

Most of the year, the waiting time to book onto a course is only around two weeks. This can be longer in busy periods like school holidays. 5Day fast tracks its learners’ driving tests so that the maximum time they have to wait for a test after applying for one is 10 days.

Vehicle types

Each instructor teaches from their own car, so the vehicle type can vary. However, all instructor cars are dual control hatchbacks, such as Fiestas or Corsas. 5Day offers both manual and automatic lessons.

5Day driving instructors

5Day only uses fully qualified ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors), rather than PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) who are still in training.

5Day’s instructors are experienced at providing the intensive tuition that is needed on a course of this nature.

There are both male and female driving instructors available at 5Day. Learners are able to request a female driving instructor when purchasing a course online or on the phone, and 5Day will do its best to accommodate the request.


5Day only takes bookings for intensive courses. The course includes a theory test, but not a practical test. This is because a practical test can only be applied for once a theory pass is obtained. If the learner requests it, 5Day will fast-track the driving test to be 75% sooner than the national waiting list.

In total, the course in most areas costs £999, consisting of a £97 course fee (including VAT) and a £23 theory test fee. In South East London and Bristol, it's slightly higher at £1,024 and £1,052 respectively. Once the theory test has been passed, learners will need to pay a £62 practical test fee in order for 5Day to arrange the practical driving test.

Driving courses

5Day only offers five-day intensive courses. These usually take place Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00 and Friday from 9.00 to 15.00. During busy periods such as school holidays, the school usually offers a second course that runs Monday to Thursday from 11.00 to 19.00 and Friday from 14.30 to 19.00.

It’s important to note that times may vary due to driving test cover, or be extended for retraining depending on candidates’ theory test results.

Offers and promos

5Day doesn’t offer any offers, promotions or discounts.

Cancellations and refunds

Learners can cancel a 5Day course booking in writing within 14 working days of receiving the booking confirmation. This notice must arrive before the course start date, so in the case of a last minute booking, the learner’s normal 14 working day cancellation right will not apply.

If this notice isn’t given, the learner won’t be able to reschedule or cancel the course without losing the full course fee, unless 20 working days’ notice is given in writing to the company at 5Day, Suite 5, The Old Dairy, Elm Farm, Norwich Common, Wymondham NR18 0SW.

Customer Support

5Day answers the phone quickly during working hours and is able to help with any queries. Staff on the phone are helpful and knowledgeable. It’s possible to enquire about availability and to book a course over the phone.

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