About Driving School Reviews

How Driving School Reviews came to be

Driving School Reviews was conceived by a young company looking for a quality source of ratings for driving schools. That company was Midrive, and they were seeking to make it easier for learners to understand how different schools compare. They wanted to drive the industry forward by encouraging schools to reach for higher standards.

Learners, they mused, deserved a reliable website where they could easily compare schools before committing their hard-earned money. When the team couldn’t find any such sites, they decided to design one themselves. 

They reckoned it should balance learner reviews against price and teaching quality. It should have learners log in using Google, Facebook, or Twitter to stand by their comments. And it should be unbiased, with high-quality user reviews that avoided the 1-star/5-star dichotomy that plagued most review sites. 

It was a good model, but the team quickly realised if they wanted the platform to be truly independent, they couldn’t be the ones to make it. So they contacted a freelance developer called Paula. She took the team’s notes and built the site away from Midrive’s influence, ensuring that it would be an unbiased resource for learner drivers.

The rating system achieves an overall score using three elements. It takes customer feedback from verified purchasers, objective pricing data, and instructor qualification levels to form a detailed picture of a school’s quality. It’s a model that puts learners first, and they have made it into the trusted source it is today.

Driving School Reviews has become a top destination for driving school comparison through the selfless contributions of learners like you. We’d love it if you could share your learning experience, no matter how small a comment you wish to make. Please leave a review! 

We wish you the best in your journey learning to drive!

P.S. We're on a mission to improve road safety. Learning from a good school is the best start. If you found our reviews helpful, please consider making a donation to the Road Safety Foundation. Thank you