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Why learn with Acclaim Driving?

Acclaim Driving was established in Leicester in 1985, and has been providing learner driver training for over 30 years.

Acclaim Driving focuses on its customers’ needs and pays particular attention to flexibility when booking lessons.

It only employs fully qualified instructors to ensure a high-quality experience for learners. Acclaim Learner Lamarb490 says, “Great school and great instructors”.

Another Acclaim learner, Molly, comments, “I passed quickly due to my instructor’s commitment and confidence. He was very funny and welcoming, I enjoyed every lesson with him.”

Learners have the choice to book an intensive or fast-track course of driving lessons, or to take individual lessons by purchasing from a selection of reasonably priced packages. Learners who would like to take an intensive course will have plenty of choice.

Acclaim Driving school provides all their learners with a special driving file titled “On the Move”, which contains a driving lesson diary, “Show me / Tell me” practice questions and a progress chart. There are also a number of driving learning materials and resources available from the school's online shop.

Stats according to Acclaim Driving

Acclaim Driving doesn’t publish the school’s pass rates.

Acclaim Driving locations

Acclaim Driving provides driving lessons in Antrim, Ballymena, Bangor, Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Coventry, Crawley, Derby, Dorchester, Larne, Leicester, London, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Portadown, Romford and most surrounding areas.

Waiting times

Once you’ve booked a lesson online or over the phone then depending on the number of available driving instructors in your local area and their diaries, you could start driving lessons in as little as seven days.

Vehicle types

The vehicle that you learn in will vary depending on the available driving instructor in your area. Typically, the driving instructors teach in small cars like the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Peugeot 207. All the school’s cars are dual-controlled, air-conditioned and have power assisted steering. They are also regularly serviced and replaced every 18-24 months.

Acclaim Driving driving instructors

Acclaim Driving only employs ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors), so you are safe in the knowledge that you won’t be paired with a trainee. Acclaim Driving also provides on-going training for its instructors throughout their time working at the school.

There are female driving instructors working for the driving school, however being able to book a lesson with one will depend upon the availability in your location.

Acclaim Driving instructors are all trained in eco-driving and can teach you how to minimise your carbon footprint and reduce fuel bills and vehicle maintenance costs after passing your test.


Acclaim Driving offers different packages of driving lessons which can be taken on a weekly basis. The driving school recommends booking at least one or two lessons a week in order to build momentum and experience while learning to drive. The prices for lesson packages could vary depending on your local area.

The two-hour lesson package starts at £30 - this package is aimed at getting new learners on the road quickly.

The first five hours of lessons priced at £95 - this package is designed for beginner learner drivers. The driving instructor will assess your driving ability and will propose the best learning method for you to get ahead.

The first 10 hours of lessons priced at £185 in Northern Ireland and £195 in Great Britain. This package is a good way to start driving by booking in bulk.

Driving courses

Acclaim Driving provides intensive driving courses for those who want to get on the road as soon as possible. It’s advisable to get in touch with the driving school to find out if there are intensive driving courses available in your local area before you make a booking.

10-day “complete” intensive driving course

The 10-day course is priced at £1,125 for manual lessons and £1,175 for automatic lessons. This course is designed for learners with little or no driving experience, who are just starting out. The course includes 40 hours of driving lessons (including lessons on the day of your test), the theory and practical driving test, theory test study materials, Theory Test App and a free retest for the theory and practical tests should you need it.

Seven-day “week to pass” intensive driving course

The seven-day course is priced at £865 for manual lessons and £899 for automatic lessons.  This course is aimed at learners with previous driving experience and includes 28.5 hours of driving lessons, theory and practical tests, theory test study materials, theory test app and a free retest for the theory and practical tests should you need it.

On the “week to pass” intensive driving course, you will have four hours of driving lessons each day over six days, three hours of driving lessons on the practical test day and a 1.5-hour assessment lesson.

Five-day “working week” intensive driving course

The five-day course is priced at £525 for manual lessons and £545 for automatic lessons. This course is targeted at learners with previous driving experience who have already passed their theory test. The course includes 18.5 hours of driving lessons and one practical driving test.

The working week intensive driving course includes 3.5 hours of driving over the first four days and then three hours of driving on the practical test day. This course also has a 1.5-hour assessment lesson.

Three-day “weekender” intensive driving course

The three-day course is priced at £325 for manual lessons and £330 for automatic lessons. This course is created for someone who has failed their practical driving test in the last three months. Perfect for someone looking to polish their driving skills before taking a second attempt at the practical driving test. The course includes 10.5 hours of driving lessons.

The weekender intensive driving course is broken down by having three hours of driving on each day over two course days and a three-hour driving lesson on the practical driving test day. This course also includes a 1.5-hour assessment lesson to make sure that this course is the right choice for you.

Flexible intensive driving course

This is a perfect option for learners who are more comfortable having a structured approach to driving lessons over a longer period of time. Acclaim driving will aim to get you test ready by having a flexible intensive course from anytime between two to eight weeks. Theory and practical driving test fees aren’t included in the price of a flexible intensive course and it doesn’t include a guaranteed re-test.

You will need to have a 1.5-hour assessment lesson priced at £35 and this is to give your Acclaim driving instructor time to evaluate your experience and current driving ability, in order to work out how many lesson hours you will need to become test ready.

After the assessment lesson, the driving school will book your driving test and plan your course over your chosen time frame, according to your availability and requirements. If you haven’t passed your theory test then you can book a theory test lesson and your instructor will help you prepare for the theory test.

Offers and promos

An introductory offer of £30 for a two-hour lesson is available for new learners with Acclaim Driving school. There is an offer of £95 for the first five hours which is aimed at beginners and a 10-hour lesson offer of £185 for Northern Ireland and £195 in Great Britain.

Acclaim Driving has a wide range of gift vouchers for driving lessons available to purchase online. These can be combined with a Theory Gift Pack costing £17.50.

Cancellations and refunds

Should you wish to cancel or rearrange a driving lesson then you will need to give your Acclaim Driving school instructor a minimum of two working days’ notice. You will be required to pay the full cost of the lesson fee if you cancel or reschedule a driving lesson any later than the required notice period.

You are able to cancel a lesson package up to seven days after the booking date. You will be entitled to a full refund of any money paid, subject to the refund charge if you haven’t taken any driving lessons in the first seven days of the booking date. If you have taken lessons within the first seven days and you wish to cancel then you won’t be eligible for a refund on any lessons taken.

If a period of 12 months or more has passed since your last lesson then you won’t be entitled to a refund. If you qualify for a refund from the driving school then you will need to pay the administration charge of £30 to process the refund, which will be deducted when the refund is paid back to you.

Customer Support

Acclaim driving school’s phone number puts you straight through to a member of the customer service team. The team is helpful, transparent and able to answer any questions you might have.

You can get in touch with the driving school by phone, email, SMS, post or an online form on the website.

Visit Acclaim Driving website