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Why learn with BSM?

BSM is one of the oldest driving schools in the UK and has been teaching people to drive for over 100 years.  

BSM instructors create personalised lesson plans for each individual learner driver to cater for different learning styles and needs. BSM learner Joseph says, “Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! He never put any pressure on my driving and kept the lessons light but professional... Would definitely recommend BSM.”

BSM has a number of learning materials available, including a downloadable track record logbook and free theory test practice on the school’s website.

BSM offers a number of lesson packages, discounts and gift vouchers as well as Pass Plus and refresher driving lesson courses. The school also offers a mock practical driving test to all its learners to better prepare them for the big day.

Learner Gray292 says, “Great value for money and are very supportive. Always helped if I had problems and removed any bad habits I had picked up with my dad. You really get to know your instructor and that helps a lot...”

Stats according to BSM

BSM claims that 59% of their learners pass their test first time - higher than the national average pass rate of 47%.

BSM locations

BSM provides driving lessons nationwide.

Waiting times

In most cases, BSM will try to get a new learner to start driving lessons within five to seven days.

Vehicle types

Most BSM driving instructors teach in a Peugeot 208 car and these cars are updated at least once a year.

BSM offers lessons in automatic and manual cars but there might be a surcharge for automatic lessons.

BSM driving instructors

BSM has over 1,200 driving instructors operating nationwide and the school will try hard to match you with a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) when you make a booking. BSM also uses PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) who are still trainees.

Learners can choose from three available driving instructors in their area, and switch driving instructor if needed (providing a suitable replacement is available). BSM also has female driving instructors available.


BSM offers block booking lesson packages. Learners can choose from six and 10-hour lesson packages when first making a lesson booking.

Once the lesson package has been used up, learners can book further lessons directly with their instructor or via BSM online or over the phone. Prices start at £28 an hour for individual two-hour lessons.

Driving courses

BSM doesn’t offer intensive driving courses but it does offer the Pass Plus course, as well as refresher lessons after you pass your test.

Offers and promos

BSM has a number of introductory offers available to new learners:

£50 off kickstarter offer - this offer is valid for the first 10 hours of lessons when paid in full in one booking. The prices for any lessons booked with a BSM instructor after the 10 hours will vary in price and automatic lessons can incur a surcharge.

£30 off 6-hour offer - this offer is only valid for the first six hours of driving lessons when paid in full in one booking. The booking must be paid in full in order for the offer to be valid. The lesson prices booked after the first 6 hours booking will vary in price and automatic lessons can incur a surcharge.

Buy one get one free - this offer is valid for the first one hour of driving lessons only when paid for in a single payment. Full payment must be made when booking the lessons in order for the offer to be valid. Any lessons booked after the first one hour may vary in price and automatic lessons can incur a surcharge.

Cancellations and refunds

BSM’s cancellation policy states that driving lessons must be cancelled a minimum of 48 hours beforehand, otherwise the learner will be charged for the full price of the lesson. If the instructor cancels a lesson under the 48 hours notice period, they have to reschedule the lesson.

If you have booked your driving test with the DVSA and your BSM driving instructor decides you’re not ready to take your test, you could lose your test fee if your driving instructor’s decision is after the required three-day DVSA cancellation notice period.

You can cancel prepaid driving lessons at any time as long as it adheres to the cancellation policy outlined above. You will be entitled to a full refund if you haven’t taken any driving lessons at the time of cancellation, or to a refund for any remaining lesson hours if you have already taken driving lessons.

All BSM driving instructors operate as self-employed franchisees. If you choose to pay for your lessons directly with your BSM driving instructor then you should obtain a receipt. BSM doesn’t accept any responsibility for any payments made directly to instructors, so you will need to liaise with the instructor if you need a refund.

Customer Support

When calling BSM you will hear an automated menu before you can be put through to a customer service representative. There can be queues when calling the school’s main number depending on the time of day, so try to avoid calling at busy times such as lunchtime. Remember that the Customer Service Centre isn’t open on Sundays.

Once you are put through to a member of the BSM customer service team, the team is very friendly and happy to answer questions.

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