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Why learn with RED Driving School?

RED Driving School is one of the largest driving schools currently operating in the UK, with driving instructors based nationwide.

All RED Driving School instructors are trained in customer service before they operate their franchise with the driving school, helping to ensure that learners receive a positive learning experience. Many of RED’s instructors have also received their instructor training from RED.

RED learners consistently praise the service their instructor provided them with in reviews: “The instructor’s way of teaching was great” (Chad) and “I had the best experience with my instructor. She was very patient, friendly and excellent instructor” (Hamiltonhy69).

The school offers a wide range of lesson packages which can be tailored to suit learner drivers depending on their experience. It also offers refresher courses and the Pass Plus.

RED Driving School has a unique service called RED’s Road Brain Trainer which is available to learners 24/7 via MyRED online. According to RED, this extra road training online program will help increase the chances of passing the practical driving test.

Stats according to RED Driving School

According to RED Driving School, by using their unique service Road Brain Training, learners can increase their chances of passing the practical driving test by 14.2%. This is based on research carried out by Dr Lisa Dorn at the Cranfield University, which showed that the cumulative pass rate of learners who had already had two attempts at the driving test, had improved by 14.2% when they used the Road Brain Training program.

RED Driving School locations

RED Driving School has instructors working nationwide across the UK.

Waiting times

RED Driving School waiting times will vary depending on the availability of driving instructors in your local area.

Vehicle types

Depending on the RED Driving School instructor you get paired with, the vehicle that you learn in will vary. The typical cars that instructors use range from Minis, Corsas and Cleos. RED Driving School offers both manual and automatic instructors available, with more manual instructors available.

RED Driving School driving instructors

The majority of RED Driving School driving instructors are ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) but the company also employs PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) who are trainees

RED Driving School offers both male and female driving instructors. The driving school is able to accept requests to change driving instructors, provided that there is enough availability in your local area.


RED Driving School introductory lesson prices start at £12.75 an hour. There are new learner driver introductory lesson and refresher learner packages available to purchase online for beginners and lapsed learners, as well as refresher lessons and the Pass Plus course.

Individual lessons can also be booked but the cost will vary depending on your instructor.

There is a range of lesson packages on offer, split into Best Value and Introductory packages. Depending on eligibility, new learner drivers who have chosen a Best Value package can also add one Introductory package on top.

Driving courses

RED Driving School doesn’t offer intensive driving courses. However, the school does offer a short notice test booking service. This is a unique five-hour lesson package to help you pass your driving test if you have previously failed. If your driving test is two weeks away or less, then you can call RED Driving School who will try to fit in a driving lesson before your test.

Offers and promos

RED Driving School has a number of introductory offers available to new learners to help get them started. However, these offers are only available to learners who are manual provisional licence holders and they are not available nationwide. Before you order an introductory offer, it is advisable that you check with RED Driving School that your area is covered.

The new learner introductory offers are:

2 for 1 - this offer saves 50% on the first two-hour lesson

25% off - this offer gives four lesson hours for the price of three

16% off - this offer gives six lesson hours for the price of five

RED Driving School also offers gift voucher packages and gift cash vouchers.

The gift voucher package option has various bundles to choose from: two, four, 10 or 20 lesson hours. The price will vary depending on which bundle you choose and they are available to purchase online. Before ordering a gift voucher package, you must have the recipient’s postcode.

The gift cash vouchers are a good option if you don’t know the recipient’s postcode and they can be redeemed with any RED driving instructor nationwide. The gift cash voucher options are: £10, £20, £50, £100 and £200.

Cancellations and refunds

Should you wish to cancel or rearrange a driving lesson with RED Driving School, you will be required to give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to your driving instructor. Failure to do so will mean that your instructor will charge you the full cost of the lesson.

As driving instructors working for RED Driving School are self-employed and act as franchisees, any contract made solely between learners and RED Driving School instructors won’t be protected by the driving school. Pre-paying for lessons through RED Driving School directly is more secure. While learners can pay their driving instructor directly without the involvement of RED Driving School, it’s advisable to get a receipt.

Should you decide that you no longer want to have driving lessons with RED Driving School then you can easily obtain a refund free of charge. RED will refund any remaining money in your Client Account according to their refund policy. 

Once you’ve paid for your prepaid driving lesson package, you must make sure to take your driving lessons within six months of the original payment date to RED Driving School. Once this period comes to an end, the refund policy is no longer valid and you won’t be able to use these funds to book further lessons. A refund can be requested at any time during this six month period and you must contact RED Driving School by phone to process it.

Customer Support

RED Driving School customer service team answer the phone quickly after being asked to choose from an automated options menu. You can make lesson bookings over the phone, but they recommend that you create a MyRED account online to make it quicker and easier for you.

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